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“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier

Making small efforts every day while living with substance use or mental health disorders can be challenging and overwhelming, no matter how small they are. 

In 2022, almost 5,000 people died from an overdose in Ohio. The best way to prevent one from occurring is by seeking treatment that works for your needs. At SUN Behavioral Health Columbus, we solve unmet needs. One way we do this is by providing intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment for adults and adolescents that allows them to connect to the care they need day in and day out.

What We Treat: Long-Term Support Needs for Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders

Many individuals question their next steps upon completing an inpatient or partial hospitalization program (PHP). They may realize they no longer need constant care from inpatient and PHP programs. However, they still seek ongoing support and structure in their recovery, and a once-weekly outpatient program may not fulfill this need.

For those recovering from substance use or mental health disorders, IOP can be beneficial. For example, someone requiring meth treatment may not need inpatient detox because withdrawal symptoms are usually short and not dangerous. If they are in a safe environment, IOP can be a suitable option for them. 

The same can be said for a mental health disorder, such as depression. Someone with depression may not necessarily need to stay 24/7 at a facility, especially if they feel safe at home. IOP can be a suitable option allowing them to recover without taking away from work and home life.

Participating in IOP following an inpatient or PHP allows individuals to expand their long-term support. You will connect with peers who understand your emotions and experiences during IOP. This newly created support system can be valuable throughout your recovery journey. 

IOP is also beneficial for individuals who cannot fit regular inpatient treatment into their schedules. Your job may prevent you from taking extended time off, or you may have responsibilities requiring constant attention or financial commitments that make inpatient or PHP impractical. IOP is a great alternative, requiring only a few hours each week. 

Why Would You Choose an IOP Over Inpatient Treatment?

The journey with mental health or substance use disorders is unique for each individual, and not everyone will need the same level of care when they decide to seek treatment. While inpatient care offers a foundation of stability and security, it is not a necessary step for everyone. However, for those who need more support than a traditional weekly program can provide, IOP may be an ideal choice. 

Inpatient care mandates a stay at the facility for a duration specified during your assessment. This timeline is subject to change based on how you respond to treatment. Not everyone can commit to this arrangement due to work or school responsibilities. IOP provides a flexible solution that enables many individuals to receive the treatment they need for a few hours a day while still managing their professional or academic responsibilities. 

If you are deciding if IOP is suitable for you or your loved one, it is essential to consider if they are in a safe environment that can ensure their healing. If maintaining safety is not possible at this point in their lives, inpatient treatment is the best course of action. On the other hand, if your loved one can ensure their safety but still requires additional support, IOP may be an effective option for them to prevent the need for hospitalization.

IOP can also allow people to transition from an inpatient setting to a less consistent option. Inpatient care is a very constant level of care. You are receiving treatment 24/7. However, once people leave an inpatient level of care, they might have difficulty adjusting to their lives. IOP treatment can allow individuals to start the process of transitioning to a place where they need less constant care in their recovery. 

How We Treat: Intensive Outpatient Program

At SUN Behavioral Health Columbus, we provide IOP for adults and teens. This level of care continues to provide structure and support during recovery. Our daytime IOP runs for 3 hours, Monday through Friday, and is available for adolescents and adults. 

These sessions include a daily process group and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). The daily process group allows you to work through current concerns. CBT focuses on recognizing and changing unhealthy thoughts and beliefs into healthy ones. During your IOP treatment, you will also learn about return-to-use prevention strategies. 

Below are some other treatments you may experience at SUN Behavioral Health Columbus. Our team will design your exact treatment plan during our no-cost care assessment. This assessment allows you to meet with our specialists, who will work with you, your doctors, and your previous treatment and assessment history to design the best action plan for your needs. 

Group Therapy

Most people who attend IOP participate in group therapy. This therapy involves meeting with people in similar situations as yourself. You will learn stress management, mindfulness, and life skills development. You will discuss communication, boundaries, stress, and time management topics. During group therapy, you will also have the opportunity to discuss concerns in your life. Through this, you can receive support from your peers.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy involves sessions with a mental health specialist to address your concerns and needs. During this therapy, you will continue to build upon skills and techniques learned during group therapy. They may also prescribe and manage your medication if necessary. 

Aftercare Planning

During IOP, you will also attend aftercare planning sessions. These sessions will help you find new hobbies, encourage you to join support groups, and prepare you for long-term recovery once you leave SUN Behavioral Health Columbus. 

what we treat long term support needs for substance use and mental health disorders

Support Groups

Support groups are also available during our IOP. These groups help you recover and connect with peers at different stages in their recovery journey. By attending a support group, you will receive and provide support to other people through your experiences, coping strategies, understanding, and knowledge. 

Intensive Outpatient Programming for Adults

IOP is available for adults aged 18 and older as part of their substance use disorder treatment, such as an alcohol or fentanyl use disorder, or mental health disorder treatment, such as anxiety and depression. Our program helps you identify urgent concerns in your life. For those not in immediate crisis, it can be an excellent option to prevent a need for hospitalization. 

We also offer an evening IOP group for adults that meets 3 evenings a week for 3-hour sessions. This group is excellent for people who need IOP treatment but cannot attend during the day. Reasons could include transportation, work, or family responsibilities. 

Intensive Outpatient Programming for Adolescents

Adolescents aged 12-17 can also benefit from attending IOP. Some indications that a teen might need IOP treatment include the following:
  • Changes in school performance
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Excessive fear, worry, or sadness
  • Avoiding peers
  • Changes in sleep habits

Teens vs. Adults: How Is IOP Different?

Approaching treatment for a mental health condition is often different for teens than for adults. While teens can experience the same concerns as adults, they can also have unique factors that come with adolescence. These concerns may include social media, bullying, or uncertainty about their future. These factors often require a different approach to healing. Teens are also still physically and mentally developing, while adults are not. Due to this, they may need additional care and understanding regarding their treatment. 

Another critical point is that family support tends to be even more vital for teens. While this support is essential for everyone, teens are typically more dependent on their caregivers. This support from their family ensures they can sustain their recovery after leaving our facility with aftercare and ongoing therapy.

Typically, adults are present in their decision to receive treatment, but this is not always the case with adolescents. Many times, parents or guardians will push their teens into necessary treatment, which can lead to reluctance and not being willing participants. Active participation is critical to a higher chance of recovery. At SUN Behavioral Health Columbus, we understand this. In turn, we strive to meet your teen where they are and patiently address their concerns to encourage their involvement. 


Start Your IOP Treatment at SUN Behavioral Health Columbus

Taking the step to seek treatment for a mental health or substance use disorder is a significant milestone in recovery. However, it can also come with numerous uncertainties and questions. With so many care options available, it is natural to wonder which path best suits your needs. 

At SUN Behavioral Health Columbus, we aim to solve this need, and our dedicated team is committed to assisting you on this journey. We will work with you, your healthcare team, and previous evaluations and treatments to determine if IOP fits you best. Contact us today if you are ready for the next steps in your recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions About Intensive Outpatient Programs

What are the goals of an intensive outpatient program?

IOP aims to help people develop skills and techniques for their desired recovery outcome. It can also provide a stepping stone for those ready to transition from a more consistent level of care to one where treatment is less frequent.

Treat Yourself to Recovery!

The capable team at SUN Columbus has been serving our community for years. Reach out to begin your journey to recovery.


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