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    Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances in the world today. For many, having a few drinks with friends is a frequent occurrence. But how do you know if you can drive home after? How many drinks is too many? Can your wife or husband drive since they drank less than you? These are common questions that most do not have the answers to. SUN Behavioral Health Columbus believes in providing education to our community about substance use, including alcohol. So how long does alcohol stay in your system? Let’s explore this and more about alcohol in our new blog post. Learn more

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    Alcohol use disorder is one of the most common conditions affecting society today. When your spouse is the one living with the condition, life can be difficult. The emotional toll it takes on both of you can cause animosity and resentment. You know the person you fell in love with is still there, but how can you help your alcoholic spouse? SUN Behavioral Health Columbus offers a full scale alcohol use disorder treatment program. Not only do we provide therapy and treatment for patients, we also emphasize treating their loved ones, as well. Alcohol use disorder does not just affect one person, it affects the whole family. The staff of trained professionals at SUN understand the importance of involvement when it comes to treatment. Learn more

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    You are not alone. We understand that anxiety attacks and anxiety disorder can leave you feeling lonely and scared. SUN Behavioral offers anxiety disorder treatment in Columbus, OH, for you. We’re ready to hear from you right now.

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