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How Long Is Rehab For Alcohol

How Long Is Rehab For Alcohol

Everyone has a vision of what drug and alcohol rehab facilities look like. Some picture lavish hotel-like settings where celebrities go and pretend they are getting sober. This stigma can deter people from treatment because they do not think it is affordable or reasonable.

For others, they picture settings where beds are mere frames with a sheet, there are 50 patients to one therapist, and there’s overcrowding in housing units. They may picture homeless people or younger “kids” and think that there is no way to fit into that crowd. Here is yet another stigma that deters people from treatment.

In 2021, 19.7% of Franklin County residents received a primary diagnosis of alcohol use disorder. SUN Behavioral Health Columbus is here to break stigmas and provide a safe space with effective and caring treatment to help those in need. With individualized plans for alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment, we are able to offer options in order to fit your needs and schedule. One of the most common questions we get is: “How long is rehab for alcohol?” Let’s explore this further, as not everyone will have the same path.

Who Is Affected by Alcohol Dependency?

The thing about alcohol is there is no way to know who will become dependent. Alcohol is legal and readily available to those over the age of 21. However, it is easy for minors to get alcohol from parents, siblings, or friends. No matter where it comes from, alcohol is all around us.

No one thinks having their first drink will turn into alcohol dependency. Why does it happen so often? There are risk factors that can play into this, such as:

  • Family history of alcohol misuse
  • Increasing the amount of alcohol consumed over time
  • Using alcohol as a coping mechanism for stress or mental health
  • History of trauma
  • Drinking at an early age

There are signs of alcoholism that can help determine if you or a loved one are starting to experience an alcohol dependency. This is the time to think about treatment options.

The Different Treatment Types for Alcoholism

When it comes to treating alcoholism, different methods and combinations are used. One of the main components is therapy. Group therapy is an effective part of treatment as hearing from peers can put your feelings into perspective. Hearing that someone else has gone through similar situations and is committing themselves to recovery can help in your own recovery with accountability and inspiration.

In an individual setting, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is crucial. CBT works by addressing thought and behavior patterns and learning to modify them. This creates healthy coping mechanisms when confronted with adversities such as stress or grief. CBT is also helpful in treating mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, which are common in those with an AUD.

Some treatment centers have wellness components, such as yoga and nutrition. This helps build healthy physical well-being and adds to the coping skills being developed in CBT. For some, alcohol side effects can cause damage to the body. By promoting physical health, some or all of these effects can be reversed.

For those who have a mental health condition – whether previously known or diagnosed in treatment – medication management will be a part of treatment. Different conditions require different combinations of medication paired with therapy, and treating both at the same time is key to building lasting recovery.

The Process of Getting Treatment

Seeking treatment for alcohol use disorder is not as complicated as it may seem. If you or someone you love is showing signs of dependence, the time to search for treatment is now. There are a few things to consider when looking for treatment:

Location: For some, seeking treatment closer to home will be ideal. Having the option of family and friends coming to visit can be comforting and a necessity. For others, being farther away from toxic situations can be more beneficial.

Affordability: Some treatment facilities accept private insurance, Medicaid/Medicare, or a combination. Others are only out-of-pocket. Finding a facility that is affordable will be part of the decision process.

Program: Your needs are the only thing that matters when finding treatment. If there is no way you can get away from work for inpatient treatment, look for flexibility in outpatient programs. If housing is a necessity, make sure you are specifying that need when searching for a treatment center.

How Does SUN Columbus’ Rehab Help People with Alcohol Use Disorder?

No two people develop an alcohol use disorder the same, so no two people will experience the same recovery. Rehab is a setting that can help people change their surroundings, put the focus on themselves, and help them understand that they are a person, not a disorder. By creating a safe environment and being around like-minded people, many have found success through SUN Behavioral Health Columbus’ alcohol use disorder treatment. We put you at the forefront, and our team of medical professionals will evaluate your situation and need to plan the best course of treatment for you specifically.

Getting Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder at SUN Columbus

At SUN Behavioral Health Columbus, we understand that every patient is different and will require a treatment path designed for them. Our program does not put stipulations on how long each treatment has to last and can adapt as needed. The passionate and caring staff here at SUN will work with you to plot the best course of action for your alcohol use disorder treatment through a medical assessment. Our program includes:

Alcohol Detox

Often, the first step in alcohol use disorder treatment is detox. Withdrawal from alcohol can be uncomfortable, and for those who have been drinking heavily for years may need medical intervention to prevent seizures. Symptoms of withdrawal usually subside in 3-5 days.

At SUN Columbus, we are able to provide stabilization no matter what time of day it is. If you feel you are experiencing a mental concern while drinking alcohol, our caring team will get you assessed and ready for treatment in as little as 30 minutes. Our facility has a dedicated staff for crisis care that is always available 24 hours a day.

Inpatient Treatment

Our inpatient treatment consists of daily therapy and mental health assessments to find out the root causes of alcoholism. SUN Behavioral Columbus has trained professionals that offer different therapies such as cognitive behavioral, group, and recreational. We also offer wellness programs to teach mindfulness and stress management techniques. This treatment provides 24/7 care onsite in our 144-bed facility.

Outpatient and PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program)

PHP at our facility is for those who come for the day and receive treatment, therapy, and medication prescribed for mental health conditions then return home for the night. Outpatient offers the same but only for a few hours a day, five days a week. Both programs are designed to build on progress made during your inpatient stay and continue the path of recovery from alcohol use disorder. Our staff will work with patients to decide how long this treatment will last.

If you or someone you love is looking for an alcohol rehab, look no further than SUN Behavioral Columbus. Our dedicated staff and licensed professionals can guide you on a treatment path that both accomplishes your goals and accommodates your schedule. You are not a number or a problem, you are a person. We will work with you for however long or short you need us for.

Rehab for Alcohol Use Disorder

If you or someone you love is looking for an alcohol rehab, look no further than SUN Behavioral Columbus. Our dedicated staff and licensed professionals can guide you on a treatment path that both accomplishes your goals and accommodates your schedule. You are not a number or a problem, you are a person. We will work with you for however long or short you need us for. Call us today at 614-706-2786 to learn more about our treatment options or schedule an appointment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the treatment for alcohol dependence?

Treatment will vary from person to person but can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 12 weeks.

What is the recovery rate for alcoholics?

The beauty of recovery is that it is not linear. Recovery can mean abstaining from alcohol completely or even cutting back on how much or how often you drink. Because of this, the recovery rate for alcoholics is not a measurable number.

Does your body heal after you quit drinking?

Depending on how long you were drinking, some damage to the body can heal over time. However, some conditions such as cirrhosis are permanent, even if drinking is stopped completely.

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